How To Save The Planet

How To Save The Planet

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10 simple steps that can change the world.

Saving the planet? Surely that’s too big a job for ordinary people, organisations, even governments? No it’s not! Every person on this planet wakes up each day and makes choices, children have limited choices but adults far less so. Each day we can make choices that have a positive or negative impact on our future and the future of the planet. Every organisation, government and country is made up of individuals just like you or me who have the ability to change their choices for the better; if we all start doing this then it really will change the world.

We can’t wait for everyone else to begin making the right choices, we have to begin with ourselves and then maybe we might be able to convince those around us to join in too. All movements have to start somewhere, with one person taking a stand before it spreads and grows into something momentous. The steps are simple, it just requires being conscious of what you are doing and remembering to keep on doing it.


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