"Those who truly understand the nature of our society have a duty to make the truth known to all, as plainly as possible. We owe it to our peers and to future generations to do everything within our power to wake the masses from their slumber. Only then may we shake off the shackles of this insidious and largely unchallenged enslavement of the many for the benefit of the few."

There is a clear rift in peoples' thinking - those that want to be part of a better world, those few who are very happy for it to remain an unfair place, those too fearful to try and change things and those that are happy to suckle on the TV nipple and live like domesticated sheep.

Humanity has so much potential, should we really settle for such a mediocre and ultimately unsustainable existance? If you care DO SOMETHING, get involved, be the change!

My articles date from the nineties onwards, I've divided them into three categories for convenience. Just click the titles to read them. You'll also find what I intended as pithy quotes on many of the pages on this site, I hope you enjoy them. The most recent articles are at the top of each column.


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A fatal Incompatibility: Big Business
& Human Survival

Why colonising Mars is a waste of time

It's Not If But When

Burning Down The House:
Land, Water & Food

Staying Positive Through Hard Times

Interview with Mani Alvand

Why Monetizing Debt Could Lead to Revolutions

Climate Change & Peak Everything

The Beginnings Of A Global Pandemic?

Robbing The Poor To Subsidise The Rich

No-one Will Be Safe From Water Charges

US ME Policy Is Divide & Conquer

Western Hypocrisy Sinks To New Depths

The Real Purpose Of The IMF

Why Irish Water Will Be Sold Off

The Folly Of Infinite Growth

The 3rd Industrial Revolution
Is Already Happening

Not Waiting For The World To Change

Decline and fall of the new Rome

Welcome To The Downward Spiral!

Neoluddism - a future based on simplicity

The Great Chess Game

Non-Violent Non-Compliance

10 Simple Things To Make The World
A Better Place

The Cancer of Western Civilization

Survival is Simple

The Misery of The Working Poor

Down The Rabbit Hole & Into Reality

The Elephant In The Room

The End Of Imperialism?

The New Feudalism

A World Beyond Banking

Quantative Easing Versus Austerity –
Which One Wins?

Neo-Luddism -
A Sane Voice In A World Gone Mad?

Taking The Fast Track To Nowhere

Confessions Of A Human Guinea Pig


Naked Ireland, and how we got here

Forgotten Legacy: fifty years
after ‘Silent Spring’

Enjoying The Fruits Of Your Labour

Biodiversity Begins At Home

The Trouble With Ivy

Reclaiming Our Tree Heritage

A Woodland In The Back Garden

Ignorance & Bliss: Chopping Down Trees

Also see my gardening column on (lifestyle section)


Hope In Desperate Times

The History Of Religious Intolerance

The Ever Changing Faces Of The Gods

A Re-evaluation Of The Ogham tree List

The Growing Pains of the Irish
Pagan Community

Interview with Mabh Savage

Moving Towards A New Reality

A Revolution Of Consciousness

Druidic Living Today

Everything We Need to Know
Is Already Here

Irish Druidry & The Modern
Druid Movement

Celtic Cosmology

On Religious Intolerance


The Sultan And The Thief

Exploring A Spirituality Of The Past For
A Better Future: The Druid's Primer

The Re-emergence Of Celtic Druidry

Re-uniting The God & Goddess

Tlachtga And The Ancient Roots Of Halloween/Samhain

Meaningful Connection To The Land

Rites Of Passage

Shining Your Light In The Darkness

Modern Druidry In Ireland

Magic - The Inconvenient Truth

Becoming The Person You Meant To Be

Healing The Celtic Lands

Druidry - A Force For Positive Change

The Druid Revival In Ireland

Druidry - The Union Of The Spiritual & Practical

Truth Against The World?

What Does It Mean To Be a Druid Today?

Science & Religion

Kingdom Of The Blind

Ecology & Paganism

Unveiling The Inner Eye