Painting and Drawing

"Many people live their lives believing that they have no choices. Because of this misguided belief oppressors have power and generation after generation fails to change things for the better. We always have choices, even a slave can choose death over slavery. Sometimes our choices are difficult, bleak or limited, but we always, always have a choice."

I was pretty bad at painting until I discovered oils in my early teens, from then on it was a major interest.
Here's a few examples of my oils watercolours and drawings. Some of these have been exhibited but they are not for sale.

Click the thumbnails below for a full size image:

'Rainy Day' - Oil on canvas.
'Stonehead' - Oil on canvas, I saw this 'face' staring at the patterns on the floor one day.
'Rishikesh Bridge' - Watercolour on paper. The roap bridge over the Ganges (India's longest river) viewed from a near by ashram.

'Pagoda' - Watercolour on paper. Again in India.

'Cyber Man' - Pencil on paper. Inspired by the cover art of Ultravox's 1981 album 'Rage in Eden.
'Homage to Léger ' - Pencil on paper
'Cityscape' - Pencil on paper

Some of my cartoons (taking the p*ss out of paganism) can be seen here.