"What use will money and wealth be to those who possess them when the rivers and land are poisoned, the seas devoid of life and the air polluted beyond tolerance?"

I have no formal training in photography but I began using a camera at the age of 6 when my father gave me a Kodak Brownie camera - it was autofocus and the film was a mere 12 exposures, however I was hooked! Later I moved onto a cheap Cannon, Polaroid, a Zenit E East German SLR (with various lenses and filters) and finally a Fuji S4200 (both the latter again from my father). I only recently (2013) began shooting digitally, most of my digital work (see digital art) is done after scanning the prints on a flatbed scanner.

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'Mystic Trees' - Shot near Pyrford, Surrey, England, a freezing, foggy day in mid winter.
'Anagh' - The hilltop near where I live, amazing views into counties Wicklow, Carlow and Wexford (Ireland) from up there.
'Coke Girl' - Shot in Chiwawa city, in northern Mexico. Despite the terrible poverty the kids will often spend what little they have on soda cans or bottles. Costing the equivalent of a box of matches (in Euro), it's still a small fortune to a child there.

'Slieve Buí' - Hill top near Ferns, Co. Wexford. This area had been clear cut but a few dead trees remained.

'Kerry Cottage' - Shot on the Ring of Kerry near Dingle. A brand new house was built next to it, just a few meters to the right.
'Balloon' - My little sister's balloon snagged on the ground.
'Cahore Beach' - One of the longest beaches in Ireland, where the opening scenes of 'Saving Private Ryan' were filmed.
'Junkie Shelter' - Shot in Stoke Newington, London.
'Junk Alley' - London is full of little nooks and crannies, this one was in Soho.
lo 'London at Night' - Shot near Smithfield, with St. Paul's in the background. I used a tripod and a very long exposure, it was very late hence the absence of cars.
'Taxi Window' - Shot from my bedroom window in Islington, London. The lithographic film on the window was from a skip.
ki 'Traffic Jam' - Shot at Kiora Farm in Co. Wexford
ne 'New Dehli street' - It's amazing what the Indians can fit onto a bike, rickshaw or trike!
'Swan' - I forget where this was shot.
'Wall Street' - I think this is Wall Street in Atlanta, not NYC although it's so long since I shot this that I'm not sure.
'Forgotten Angel' - Shot in Stoke Newington Cemetery in London, at the time it was totally overgrown, it has since been cleaned up.
'Jazz Band' - Everyone was clicking away at their cameras while these amazing ancient black dudes were playing their Dixieland jazz. I waited till they went for a break and eveyone else had left to get this shot (New Orleans).
'Rickshaw Man' - I had a go on one of these once, it's hard work, no-wonder he needed a rest. Shot in Jaipur, India.