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My most recent book (poetry) was published 2016 you can buy it here or at Amazon. More info here or on facebook.

Children Of Dub DVD,
(directed by me) released 2015,
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The Journey. SA short book on spiritual wisdom. Get it on Amazon UK here or click pic for more info.

The Druid's Primer - A distillation of druidic knowledge and practice. Get it on Amazon UK here or click pic for more info.

Welcome to my website, I've been involved in 'the arts' for most of my life, at this stage I've decided my body of work warranted being collected together in one place, which is the purpose of this website.

Here you will find my writing - various articles; details or extracts of my published books; a gallery of my digital art and photography; some of my published and unpublished poetry; and links to my music - some of which is also available to buy.

I hope you enjoy the content, all the best.

You can contact me by email: info {at}


"Corporations are amoral organisations, they act as if they are entities in their own right, devoid of human influence, when in truth they are entirely owned and governed by people. Corporations may portray themselves as benevolent but they actually exist for the sole benefit of this small, exclusive group of people i.e. the directors and the shareholders."


SIGNS OF OUR TIME - online photo exhibition

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