A Time To Fight

First published by Moon-Books.net, March 2014

A theme that seems to be coming up a lot right now is the destruction and imbalance that humanity is making in the world. Two particular areas that druids seem to be getting down and dirty is the campaign to clean up Fukushima and the campaign against fracking. At the equinox it is a time of balance in the seasons – between day and night but it is also a time to reflect on the balance of nature and how we are sending it out of whack, not to mention the internal balance of our own lives – both externally in how we live and internally in our thoughts and feelings.

We’ve known for hundreds of years that we’ve been throwing this planet out of balance, but it is now that things are getting really serious that we are trying to wake up and do something concrete about it. It is a time to fight, to fight for justice and what is right so that everything living on this planet might have a future. That does not mean that we have to be violent and aggressive – violence has a tendency to beget even worse violence.

Fighting can be done in many ways and on many levels and I personally believe that fighting for this planet and all of the life upon it is an important part of the druid path. Great things can be done without any aggression – Ghandi was a perfect example of the power of non-violent opposition to despotism and injustice, a struggle that led to the downfall of one the largest empires in history – the British Empire. This in turn led to the French and other European empires collapsing.

Those that wish to carry on exploiting this earth relentlessly love it when people react in violent or rash ways, that gives them the perfect opportunity to dismiss any nascent movement as lunatics or even terrorists. So, we must be a little bit more clever if we want to succeed – we can change the world, we can restore balance. However, perhaps before we each begin our fight we need to find that point of calm and balance in our own selves and use it to draw strength and wisdom for the battle ahead. More info on nuclear power: click here More info on fracking: http://www.warriorscall.org