"Freedom cannot be established by relying on good will. It has to be demanded and the oppressor forced to relent. This can be done violently - which usually leads to a new cycle of oppression, but it can also be done through non-violent, non-compliance. This has been proven to be the only way to succeed against a materially stronger opponent."

I have been involved in the book industry for years, as a Sub-Editor, a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and now as an Author too. To date I have written two non-fiction books, a children's book and contributed to a collection of poetry. I used the pseudonym 'Joseph Dawton' previously but I have decided that I will use my own name from now on. All books sold here are paid for via PayPal secure server. See my author facebook page (click here) for more updates on my latest writing.

Through the Cracks in the Concrete the Wilderness Grows

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Through The Cracks... inc. shipping

Published by Kilkenny Druidry College Press.Available here or from Amazon

Through the Cracks in the Concrete the Wilderness Grows by Luke Eastwood

This is my first collection of poetry to be published, although various poems have appeared in publications and on websites over the years. It's split into two sections - the first is social commentary and poems on urban life, The second section is entirely devoted to nature.

The title and the cover were inspired by my accidentally stumbling across an abandoned development in Wexford that had become overgrown with weeds. Luckily I had my camera with me and I was able to capture some stricking images, which gave the concept for the book - the contrast between the beauty and resilience of nature and the transience of urban life and human endeavours.

Published in Ireland through Kilkenny Druidry College Press on 24th March 2016. The book is available only in paperpack for the present time.


"A personal statement straight from the haert... The first part rises from the author's response to conditions in the city - where he seems to have led a somewhat turbulent and angry existence - while the second half reflects the healing power of nature... Not always comfortable read, these poems strike a raw note of truth on every page."
Touchstone Magazine

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UK RRP: £4.99
USA RRP: $9.95
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The Journey inc. shipping

Published by Moon Books. Available from Amazon and good book shops. Also available as an e-book.

The Journey by Luke Eastwood

This is a very short book but contains a powerful message for these times of global capitalism, environmental destruction, and religious intolerance. I have tried to focus on ways of achieving spirituality without the dogma and control of organised religion, to do this I have used what I consider to be apt sources from across the globe to reinforce my statements. Spirituality should be about connecting to divinity regardless of the social or religious environment we come from, fundamentalism is just devisive and a distraction from what is really important.

Originally published in Ireland only, under my pseudonym by the now defunct Electric Publications, this revised and expanded edition is published by Moon Books (under my own name this time). Published December 2012.


"The Journey combines the author's thoughts with eclectic teachings from throughout the world... thought-provoking."
Evening Herald

"This small book is one of those unusual publications that you can read in half an hour but leaves quite an impression... It reads like a gentle conversation and I very much enjoyed it - picking up sone insights along the way. I felt that the message was quite relevant for today: that there are many paths to truth."
Immrama Magazine

"A handy small reference and reminder of the essential unity of every spiritual path, but also a working notebook and starting point for the owner to add to the collection with their own favourites, and the format lends itself to this use."
Touchstone Magazine

"An interesting and accessible read... it has a positive message."
Books Ireland

"This little book certainly gives much food for thought on our attitudes to life and it also gives an insight into religious beliefs which have more in common with Christianity than one might think; it seems particularly pertinent for the times in which we live."
Big Issue (Irish Edition)

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USA RRP: $26.95
ISBN: 978-1-846947643
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The Druid's Primer inc. shipping

Published by Moon Books. Available from Amazon and good book shops. Also available as an e-book.

The Druid's Primer by Luke Eastwood

My first book published under my own name. After some fifteen years of studying Druidry and around ten years training as a Druid I decided to write a book to pull together the wide reaching research and reading that has been part of my studies. Over two years in the writing, it has been a real labour of love. Although it is not a definitive collection of Druidic knowledge I think that it covers all of the core areas with sufficient depth, honesty and accuracy to help the would-be Druid along the path. Publication date was 24 Feb 2012, I also have signed copies available.


'Luke Eastwood gives us the first accessible Irish study on druid history and practice. This book opens the door to Celtic spiritual practice with clarity and grace.'
Caitlín Matthews, Author of Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom & The Celtic Spirit

'A solid introduction to Druidry from a distinctively Irish perspective, The Druid Primer is a welcome addition to the still very modest list of practical books on the Druid path, and deserves a place on the bookshelf of anyone interested in Celtic spirituality.'
John Michael Greer, Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America and author of The Druidry Handbook.


I think an alternative title to this book would be “Everything you ever wanted to know about Druidry but were afraid to ask”. This is very much a Druid 101 book. Many people use that term to describe a book lacking in substance, but that is not the case here. It’s full of substance and depth, but very much geared to the beginner on the path.
The Crossroads Companion

In short, I would recommend this book to newbies as it does a very good job of explaining Druidry in an easy and simple way.

A useful and practical resource for seekers of druidry, as well as providing a template for what it means to be a modern druid in the present age. Recommended.
The Cauldron

The Druid’s Primer is an excellent book on the subject of Druidry and is an inspirational read for anyone who is seeking to tread this spiritual path.
Mind Body Spirit Magazine

...he has written an indispensable handbook for both those already in the orders and those considering joining, as well as anyone else interested in the subject. Inspired by the medieval Irish Scholar's Primer, the book is the product of 15 years' research and examination of the role of the Druid in today's world, and has the special quality of an Irish perspective which adds to its uniqueness.
Reference Books @ Suite 101

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The Druid's Primer is now on Facebook - here.

A5 Paperback
Irl RRP: 9.95
ISBN: 0-9550607-1-0
Not currently available

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Where The Hazel Falls By Ann Dalton, Ted Sludds, Joseph Dawton (Luke Eastwood), Adam Dunlea, Geraldine Moorkens Byrne, Wil Kinghan, Toddy Kennedy, Cait Branigan and Gemma McCabe. Edited by Luke Eastwood.

As well as contributing to this collection I was the editor as well. Some of the contributors such as Ted Sluds, Ann Dalton, Toddy Kennedy and Geraldine Moorkens Byrne are previously published, others were published for the first time. Within these pages are the works of nine poets, each with their own distinctive style and agendas; but with all of these poets is a common thread - a love of this land and a way of looking at the world that reaches beyond the mundane.


"Exciting new collection makes an excellent 'homegrown' stocking filler present for poetry lovers everywhere."
Wexford Free Press

"Each featured writer has a unique and fresh approach, yet they are intrinsically linked by their passion and understanding of the natural world and our place among it... Angry, raw, passionate, humble questioning... they are hard hitting modern day observationists confident in their expressions and it is this quality which creates a cutting edge to the book."
Touchstone Magazine

155mm sq paperback

Irl RRP: 5.00
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Bumbly Bee's Big Adventure by Luke Eastwood

My first book which I wrote for my daughter in 2000. It is an illustrated children's book about a character called Bumbly Bee and his insect friends. It is not published but I now have copies professionally printed for sale.

It is currently available only from me directly at 5 euro plus shipping (if in stock).