Welcome to my website, I've been involved in 'the arts' for most of my life, and so decided that my body of work warranted being collected together in one place, which is the main purpose of this website.

I have been interested in spirituality for most of my life, ranging from early Christianity to Buddhism and many forms of Paganism, Druidry/Druidism in particular. I studied computing and business, developing my artistic, writing and musical skills in my spare time, until I felt ready to explore them professionally. I began studying Druidry in the late 1990s and I have been a practising Druid and Celebrant for many years. I've also been involved in environmental activism and ecology since the late 1980s, something that I am still involved in today.

Here you will find my writing - various published articles; my published books; some of my published and unpublished poetry; a gallery of my digital art and photography; my music and information about myself, plus links to some websites that may interest you.

I hope you enjoy the content, all the best. 

How To Save The Planet
Signs Of Our Time

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"Corporations are amoral organisations, they act as if they are entities in their own right, devoid of human influence, when in truth they are entirely owned and governed by people. Corporations may portray themselves as benevolent but they actually exist for the sole benefit of this small, exclusive group of people i.e. the directors and the shareholders."