A Path Through The Forest

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Covering an entire metonic cycle of 19 years (2004-2023) in the life of a druid, this collection covers everything from ethics to gardening with the intention of provoking both thought and action. Of his Druid work the author states “My job is to push the boundaries of Druidic understanding, to challenge the accepted norms and to question what direction neo-Druidry should be headed in. I am not here to comfort and sooth, but to stimulate and promote wisdom and the evolution of Druidic consciousness.


'A Path Through the Forest is a comprehensive and thought-provoking compilation of essays on subjects that have great relevance for Druidry today. With sections on Druid basics, environmentalism, metaphysics, history and ethics, this collection provides food for thought through the lens of one Druid seeker and is a valuable insight into a Druid’s philosophical exploration of their path.'

Philip Carr-Gomm, author of Druid Mysteries

In this down to earth book, Luke offers no-nonsense Druidic history, wisdom and logic relevant for today’s modern world. To learn how to live now and for future generations we need to understand our past, both sociopolitical and historical. This book offers guidance to do just that.

Emma Farrell, Plant Spirit Healer and author of Journeys with Plant Spirits

A wide-ranging collection of essays written by an Irish Druid that pokes jabs at modern Pagan dogmas and leaders, and advocates for the re-learning of practical skills and a life path that respects nature. The articles are at times complaining and cranky but always thoughtful, and filled with warnings about the state of the world. If you ever wanted insight into the mind of a practicing contemporary Druid, this book should be a pleasing read.

Ellen Evert Hopman, Archdruid of Tribe of the Oak, author of the “Druid” trilogy of novels, “A Legacy of Druids – conversations with Druid leaders of Britain, the USA and Canada, past and present”, ”and of other volumes on tree lore and Celtic Herbalism

Luke Eastwood’s essays are thought-provoking. Like diving into any subject, you don’t have to agree with everything, but only open your mind to hear what is being said, and use that knowledge to expand your own view. These essays do just that: they approach the subjects from a personal viewpoint, combined with academic research and years of practical experience and offer a perspective on Druidry that is interesting and heartfelt. Some of the essays are a snapshot in time, that still resonate today, while others are more contemporary. All in all, this is a good collection for Druids who want to consider their own practice more deeply and who are looking for inspiration.

Joanna van der Hoeven author of The Book of Hedge Druidry and The Path of the Hedge Witch

Luke Eastwood’s eclectic and thought-provoking book touches on aspects of Celtic and Druid culture from history and ecology to ethics and metaphysics. Throughout, Eastwood applies a critical lens to the landscape of modern Druidry, challenging practitioners to reflect on their own behavior and make improvements where possible. This collection will leave those involved in Druid or Pagan communities with many hard questions to mull over, and that can only be a good thing.

Logan Albright, author of Libertarian Paganism and Conform or Be Cast Out: The (Literal) Demonization of Nonconformists

In A Path Through The Forest, Eastwood invited us to join him on his life-long journey from his childhood to the present day. In this remarkable series of essays and articles, spanning a period of over a decade, Eastwood shares his experiences and learning as he continues along his personal path of learning. It is impossible to read this collection of works without admiring Eastwood’s tenacity, the breadth of his interests and the depth of his knowledge. The variety of topics addressed is noteworthy and one can only be inspired by the fearless way Eastwood approaches a variety of contentious issues, refusing to submit to the pressures of convention, whilst forging his own path through what can often be a confusing and disheartening landscape. This book is a must for all those committed to following a similar journey of spiritual and practical growth. There is no doubt that a great deal may be garnered from Eastwood’s insights and writings.

Jon G. Hughes, author of A Druid's Handbook To The Spiritual Power of Plants and The Druidic Art Of Divination: Understanding The Past And Seeing Into The Future

I always find Luke's books to be informative and engaging and this set of articles does not disappoint. As well as, on one level, these articles being well written, Luke has also done a lot of research on his topic - Druidry. On another level, Luke is sharing with us, his readers, his own personal journey and how he eventually became a horticulturalist /Earth Guardian. There are so many one-liners that stood out for me, making me stop and breathe that comment in. Two in particular stand out. 1. 'Morality is clearly part of our Spirituality' & 2. There was once a garden and that garden was the world'. Thank you Luke for again reminding us of our own 'inner garden' of our Soul-Self and our responsibility to protect Great Mother.

Amantha Murphy, author of The Way Of The Seabhean: An Irish Shamanic Path