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I have been involved in the book industry for years, as a Sub-Editor, a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and now as an Author too. I began writing poetry at the age of 15, much of which was awful, it took me some time to find my feet.

I began writing articles for Cityscape Magazine, the magazine of City University in 1990 and I became a regular contributor and Music Editor by the time that I graduated. I have been fortunate to find publishers for my first book 'The Journey' and my subsequent books The Druid's Primer, Where The Hazel Falls, Through The Cracks In The Concete..., Kerry Fok Tales, How To Save The Planet, The druid Garden and contributions to anthologies, which are detailed here. I hope you enjoy them. All books sold here are signed copies and paid for via PayPal secure server. Make sure to pick the correcty shipping option please (for USA/CANADA/ASTRALIA/NZ/AFRICA/ASiA select R.O.W. option).

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"Freedom cannot be established by relying on good will. It has to be demanded and the oppressor forced to relent. This can be done violently - which usually leads to a new cycle of oppression, but it can also be done through non-violent, non-compliance. This has been proven to be the only way to succeed against a materially stronger opponent."