The Druid Garden

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Paperback / Kindle  Published by Moon Books, 2021
EU RRP: €20.00 UK RRP: £17.99 US RRP: $27.95
Kindle: £8.99, $13.99   ISBN: 978-1789046076


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It took me 3 hyears to write this book, it was a real labour of love and I hope that it is

 invaluable to anyone serious about organic gardening or those simply interested in how things were done in former ages, Celtic Europe in particular.It's meant to be informative but also very practical as well. Currently available here, at OBOD bookshop, or on Ebay.


'The Druid Garden explores everything from the transformative magic of composting, to tips for planning, planting and on-going care. This engaging and informative book is a must for both the seasoned gardener and the curious beginner keen to embrace both the sustainable and the sacred in their gardens.'  Philip Carr-Gomm, author of Druid Mysteries

'In this magical book, ”The Druid Garden”, Luke Eastwood has gathered the essential ,wisdom and knowledge required specifically to assist all those, the new ,generation of gardeners, who wish to learn more about the art of grown trees and plants by tapping into the timeless wisdom and knowledge of our magical past.' Mattheus Wagter, Former Chairman of the Biodynamic Association of Ireland 

It is rare to find a gardening book that provides extensive practical information while clearly honouring the sacred. In The Druid Garden, Luke Eastwood manages to do exactly that. Using easily accessible language, he provides us with a comprehensive guide to gardening imbued with innate spirituality and environmentalism. A master gardener and Druid, Luke blends ancient wisdom with hands-on experience and shows how this knowledge can be used by modern day gardeners for the benefit of the Earth and all creation. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced gardeners, this book is packed with valuable information and is a precious gift for our world in these times. Carole Guyett, author of Sacred Plant Initiations

'A brilliant 'go-to' book to assist your journey into the healing and spiritual aspects of the natural world through gardening. Practical yet poetic, not just for Druids!' Emma Farrell, Founder of Plant Consciousness 

The Druid Garden is a fascinating journey into the heart of human interaction with the natural world. It deftly weaves together history, practice, and spirituality into a cohesive whole. An essential aid both for those seeking practical advice for growing a garden and those seeking a more harmonious approach to the world around them.

Morgan Daimler, author of A New Dictionary of Fairies and Where the Hawthorn Grows

Combining history, philosophy, folklore, science and sustainability, this book shows you how to bring Druidic principles into your garden. For me, this is a perfect demonstration of how to be a modern Druid. Nimue Brown, author of Pagan Planet & Druidry And The Future

Luke Eastwood’s book The Druid Garden is an authoritative and comprehensive approach to the subject. The book begins with the big picture, an exploration of the history of gardens, before focusing the reader on the many different layers of soil that make up the ground beneath our feet. Practicalities of gardening, such as planting, creating ponds, even keeping fowls and bees, are combined with spiritual elements; the section about how to connect with the plants in your garden is particularly insightful.  ...This is an invaluable resource for both the novice and more experienced gardener alike.

Andrew Anderson, author of The Ritual of Writing and Pagan Portals: Artio and Artaois


In this age of high technology, GM foods and industrial farming, many people are looking for an alternative way to live, that honours and respects the natural world. The Druid Garden mines the deep seem of gardening through the ages and alternative modern developments, to bring the reader a method of gardening that is truly in touch with the Earth. Drawing on the knowledge of the Druids and other ancient cultures, Luke Eastwood has created a practical guide to organic and natural methods that are proven to work. Advice for the total beginner, through to the experienced, ties together Druidic wisdom with the best of gardening knowledge. Part of this book is a handy alphabetical guide to trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, giving a wealth of information on history and folklore, as well as practical details on plant care and growing from seed.This book is invaluable to anyone serious about organic gardening or those simply interested in how things were done in former ages, Celtic Europe in particular.
The Pagan & The Pen

I have just finished reading this book and it was an extraordinary experience ...The Druid Garden really does act as a gardener’s bible; covering what appears to be literally everything that you need to know including tree, plants, herbs, weeds and fruit. There are some good descriptions of plant biology and how to construct certain kinds of garden.Luke Eastwood goes quite heavily into the medicinal properties of certain plants and what they do. There are touches of Druidry and Irish lore here and there, which is quite nice and fits into gardening quite organically.
If you are involved in gardening in any way I think you will find this to be a very informative read. If, like me, you know nothing or very little, your eyes will be truly opened and this book will prove to be essential. There is a great deal of practical advice to get you started; experience and getting your hands dirty will teach you a lot. And if you are interested in trees, then working with this book will greatly enhance your experience. Indeed, you will come to better understand all plant life and the cycles of nature as you work with the author’s guidance.

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