Digital Art

I first began digital art as a Graphic Designer in the early 90's, mostly in my spare time. By 1995 I had begun selling my work in London (limited edition prints) and had a couple of small exhibitions. I carried on in Ireland, experimenting more and delving into political and environmental statements through my work. I have had a number of exhibitions in Co. Wexford and Co. Wicklow, the last being a 2008 retrospective of my work, including drawings, oils and watercolours as welll as photography and digital pieces - stretching over a twenty year period. The pure digital work is a mixture of collaging photos, freehand drawing on the computer and application of digital effects and filters, this is what is shown below.

"The whole world is a miraculous blessing; if a child can see this simple truth, then the man or woman who cannot is truly lost. Even so, the lost can be found and the child in all of us, although maybe silenced, can be found again."