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On each main page you'll find quotations from various articles or books I've written. Here are a few more to ponder, I hope you enjoy them.

Modern living is unreasonable. People struggle not because they are weak or incapable but because the demands on mind body and spirit are too great for most of us. Mindfulness, bodily heath and spirituality all help us to cope, but none of these can alter the fundamental problem that it is a toxic system that needs to change.


It is easy to forget that we have been socialised (programmed) from birth. Even with the least authoritarian and benign of parents, family and friends we are still subject to huge influences. It is very clear now that the level of manipulation by media, educators, corporations and government is constant and omnipresent. Once we realize how manipulated we are only then can we develop our own true sense of self and our own genuine opinions.

Equality is not the recognizing of gender, sexuality, race, culture and beliefs. Equality is the transcending of these labels and treating all people with equal respect and dignity.

If people are prepared to trade truth, justice & freedom in exchange for mere survival, at any price, that is when tyranny becomes victorious.

The whole world is a miraculous blessing; if a child can see this simple truth, then the man or woman who cannot is truly lost. Even so, the lost can be found and the child in all of us, although maybe silenced, can be found again.

What use will money and wealth be to those who possess them when the rivers and land are poisoned, the seas devoid of life and the air polluted beyond tolerance?

With each generation that passes more of the land is swallowed up by stupidity and greed. The fields, hedgerows, woodlands and wild forgotten patches I knew are all gradually erased by shops, roads, housing estates and carparks. Our children will not even realise what was there before and so it continues. When will this madness ever stop?

Humanity cannot keep expanding in numbers and relentless destruction and still expect everything to be ‘ok’. We moved far beyond ‘ok’ a very long time ago, the world is in crisis because of us. To believe otherwise is dangerous and delusional. In this finite world we have only two choices - to change ourselves to fit within it or die out.


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