Extinction Rebellion - Join the environmental movement for change!

Desiderata (by Max Ehermann) - A very short piece of prose but highly inspiring

Peak Prosperity - A website (& films) dedicated to what is happening to the world and what we can do about it

Greenpeace - World renowned environmental campaigners

Zeitgeist Movement - International movement for radical change (see the movies)

News Beacon Ireland - Irish alternative news website

Children Of Dub - The music of 90s dance. ambient and world music band.

Welcome To The Reservation - The late American Indian activist Russell Mean's excellent, thought provoking film

The Economic Collapse Blog - A commentary on the world-wide depression

Zero Hedge - Economics and finance without the spin

Max Keiser - Former broker and outspoken financial commentator

Of Two Minds - The writing of Charles Hugh Smith

John Pilger - Award winning, courageous and outspoken Australian journalist.

Occupy Movement Documentary - The quest for a fairer society, as not seen on your TV

United for Peace & Justice - Anti-war organisation

The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight - Essential reading - this book, by Thom Hartmann, changed my life!

Unnovations - A hilarious catalogue of useless gifts for the insane or those who have everything (adult humour)

Polar ice data - NSIDC provides up-to-date information on arctic and antarctic conditions, without the drama

Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids - International Druid Order (of which I am a member)

George Monbiot - Guardian Columnist, environmental and social activist

"What we have done in the past cannot be changed, all we can do is learn from it. All that we can do now is for today or in preparation for tomorrow. Tomorrow is always coming and we should be ever mindful of it. But even so, it is here and NOW that we must live... if we cannot take care of today, what use is worrying about tomorrow?"