The Cycle That Never Ends

First published 30 August 2021

As we enter the autumn, fears of Cov-Sars-2 or Covid-19 continue to haunt humanity. Lockdown measures, the wearing of masks, social distancing and enhanced hygiene procedures have failed to eliminate this disease and end this pandemic, yet there seems to be no new strategies available.

The Covid vaccines, developed faster than any vaccines in history have been available for some time, with uptake varying enormously, depending upon which country one is looking at. In many cases it is 50-90%, far higher than for influenza vaccines, for example, which have never been mandatory anyway. In a bad year influenza will kill perhaps 1% of those that ‘catch the flu’. According to the latests John’s Hopkins University data, of the 200.4 million people who have become infected by Covid-19, 4.2 million have died, which represents 2.1% so far. This figure of course includes those who have died within 60 days of becoming infected (in many countries), and may possibly have died of other causes, even those such as a heart attack, a road accident or a stroke.

So despite the fact that only those aged 80+ or with pre-existing conditions are at serious risk, and the fact that the pandemic is, at most, twice as bad as a bad flu year, we see endless fearmongering. As well as the fear, there are continual jumps in and out of lockdown, endless health propaganda broadcasts and a campaign to vaccinate almost everyone, even children as young as 12.

One must ask onself, is this really necessary? Does the scale of this pandemic and the justifiable concerns about side effects (and death from side effects, caused by some of the Covid-19 vacccines) justify this response? Are the vaccine mandates really for our own good or are they just a knee-jerk reaction that is unwarranted and has little or no validity, based on the science of virology and disease-response?

Increasingly we have seen mixed messages and reversals of advice and decisions, particularly in USA. This has happened to such an extent that members of the governement establishment (Senator Ron Paul in particular) have questioned the efficacy of government decisions and in particular the guidance of Dr. Fauci, who has questionable impartiality, but still leads the charge regarding both vaccines and mask wearing.

The emergence of the Delta variant has led to a ramping-up of precautions and calls for full vaccination and more lockdowns, but this appears to many to be rather hurried, with no real evidence to suggest that Delta causes more deaths. In fact studies so far indicate that the vaccinated can still be infected by the Delta variant and pass it on to others. What is clear is that the Delta variant is more easily transmitted to other people, also the Mu variant may be totally 100% vaccine resistant, but whether these are less or more dangerous than the original (Alpha) virus is not yet conclusively established.

Now, in the last few days, fears about the Lambda variant (from South America) and Mu variant are being stoked across the world, with Dr. Fauci again seeming to be the architect of fear, on a grand scale. As many have feared, with so many variants around the world, Lambda  and Mu variants may be far less resistant to vaccines than both Alpha and Delta – which begs the question “Is there any point in being vaccinated?” Revelations about Fauci's involvement with the Wuhan Lab cast further doubt over the credibility of what he has recently said about vaccine efficacy and virus itself, and this has only just begun to play out.

Currently booster jabs have been discussed, as a ‘top up’ to the one or two original injections, but whether this has any real benefit in terms of resistance to infection is as yet unproven. No doubt there will be new vaccinations for each new variant that comes along, but we must ask ourselves – where will this end? Will it ever end?

As there are dozens of variants already, with at least a dozen that are ‘of concern’, the prospects for this disease just disappearing seem to be very low. Over time, mutations or variants tend to become less lethal and more transmissible, and perhaps Covid-19 will be no exception to this. So far, this disease has proven not to be incredibly fatal like Ebola, or to be extremely transmissible like the common cold.

It is indeed a serious disease, but considering that perhaps the cure (in the form of lockdowns, removal of civil rights, closure of business, restrictions of provision of healthcare) is possibly more dangerous than the disease, we need to look at continuation of current measures. If measures undertaken appear to be doing more harm than good, then we need to look at changing how we cope with this pandemic. To date figures from the UK regarding youth suicide and are shocking and indicative of the cure killing the patient. Drug overdose deaths in America alone rose 30% in 2020.

The world cannot be vaccinated against every single variant of Covid-19, lockdowns cannot be implemented forever – these ideas are a logistical impossiblity that can only benefit big-pharma and a few gigantic corporations. It is time that we demanded better from our governments – leadership that is based on good science, on intelligent management of our countries and not on fear. Protests about Covid concerns across the world have been met with harsh punishment, especially of note is the police brutality in Germany at the beginning of August.

We also need to demand better of our media that selectively reports on the Covid-19 situation – under-reporting the side effects and side-effect induced deaths, as well as down-playing the catastrophic economic and psychological effects of long-term lockdowns. One should also consider the effect of the precident of Digital Passports or Covid Passports as a means of segregating the population. This is a seeminngly perfect justification for introducing draconian restrictions on a group in society, based on health concerns today, but what of tomorrow? Will the same system be used to monitor, restrict, or castigate compliant or non-compliant groups over some other issue in the very near future?

From what I can see, this is a cycle that is self-perpetuating, not for the good of humanity, but for the benefit of the political and economic elite, a handful of mega-corporations and for continuing the funnelling of wealth into fewer and fewer hands. All of this has been achieved by creating an almost irresistable climate of fear, but resist we must. For those that believe in freedom and do not wish to see a dystopian ‘social credit’ system rolled out across the entire world, it is our moral duty to resist. We must demand a moratorium and reevaluation of the handling of this pandemic and attempt to bring an end to this cycle of manipulation that some would prefer to see continue forever.