Western Hyprocrisy Sinks To New Depths

First published on presstv.ir September 2014

While the western mainstream media hurls abuse at Russia and its government, blaming it for the crisis in Eastern Ukraine there is little mention of the role of USA and its NATO puppets in the continuing tragedy. The USA, Canada and EU are happy to impose sanctions on Russia and provide military assistance, loans and intelligence to a Ukrainian government that was not elected (established by the violent coup aided by the CIA). However these countries are not willing to allow Russia to assist the Eastern-Ukrainians in any way – even with humanitarian aid.

What is worse again is that while they condemn the Russians for not making the separatists lie down and accept an unelected and prejudiced government they also turn a blind eye to the constant bombing of unarmed civilians.  Meanwhile, in Gaza the same thing is happening to the Palestinian people – they are being bombed consistently and it is again mostly unarmed civilians who are being injured or killed.

Much as the western powers pay lip-service to the disgust of such terrible acts in Gaza, they do nothing to prevent it continuing – Israel is not censured, placed under sanctions or threatened in any way, while Russia is constantly pressured for speaking up on behalf of the Russian-speaking Eastern Ukrainians. Little is said about the daily death toll in Eastern Ukraine, where like in Gaza the infrastructure is destroyed and there is little food, water and adequate emergency care readily available.

Not one EU country or North American country is willing to condemn Israel for indiscriminate killing of civilians or condemn the Ukraine government for doing the same to its own people. These same countries are happy though to condemn Russia for standing up for and helping their close neighbours, despite the fact that it was USA that precipitated the Ukraine civil war in the first place.

The attitude of the western powers, and USA in particular, smacks of total hypocrisy given that they have done nothing to end either humanitarian crisis and in fact have been enablers of the (heavily armed) aggressors in both instances. It is well known that USA has a hegemonic agenda to reduce both Russia and China to a state of incapacitation, so it’s no real surprise that they have acted duplicitously. What is really incredible is that Canada and the EU, that have no real interest in a proxy or direct war, have continually allowed themselves to be manipulated by the hawks in Washington.

After all, Russia withdrew quickly from Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which precipitated good relations with the Reagan government and most European governments. In contrast, to this day the USA has many military bases throughout Europe with approximately 68,000 troops present in at least 10 European countries. Germany, with over 40,000 US troops, is still an occupied country, despite the fact that WWII ended nearly 70 years ago.

The western governments are too scared to stand up to the USA, a country which should have withdrawn its troops from Europe and Japan two decades ago. It is the USA that has intervened in countless countries since WWII, none of which border the USA. Whereas Russia has mostly intervened in countries that have a land border with itself in circumstances where there could (possibly) be justification in its own domestic interest. China has a similar record and in fact has much less involvement in conflict in recent decades. Despite a much better record than the USA, in recent decades, both Russia and China are vilified as potentially dangerous, aggressive and possible rogue nations.

Looking at the evidence without prejudice one would have to say that it is USA government (and its pathetic, sycophantic allies) that is aggressive, expansionist and most likely to cause conflict. Unfortunately, the obvious decline of American power makes the USA government even more dangerous as it becomes more desperate to vainly retain its position, not unlike Britain at the beginning of the 20th century.

If the other western governments had any sense (which they obviously don’t) they would abandon NATO and their alliance with the dying USA empire and make friends with the BRICS nations. BRICS nations (and many others besides) realise that a multi-polar world is the way forward, but the American leadership wishes to maintain a uni-polar world at all costs – even if that means constant war. 

This way of thinking is not what the world needs. Instead of sinking further into hypocrisy and grovelling to warmongering demands perhaps the western powers should man up and accept that they are no-longer the only game in town. If another world war were to begin it would most likely be an unprecedented disaster for humanity and the planet. Surely it’s better for western governments to suck up a bit of humble pie than to allow a fatally crippled empire to plunge the world into an unnecessary and possibly terminal conflict?